2020 Obstructions
Items that are embedded within or obstruct easy movement within sidewalks.
To add, click a location on the map
  • Fire Hydrant
  • Telephone Pole
  • Street Light
  • Narrow Bridge
  • Street Sign
  • Traffic Light
  • Parking Metre
  • Sidewalk Stairs
  • Other


  • Total Obstructions Logged:

About this page

The data on this page is meant to help foster discussion about the impact built obstructions - such as poles, signs, and other infrastructure - has on the ability to clear sidewalks of snow, and allow proper movement for pedestrians as well as those using devices such as walkers, wheelchairs, etc.

Not every pole, sign, etc. encased in concrete should be marked. Rather, add obstructions that would prevent ease of movement or maintenance / clearing of snow, etc.

How to use this page

To add a point, click 'add to map', and find the location of the obstruction. Click on the map, and enter the information in the popup: select the type, and submit. You can add a description if you like. This will add data to a googlespreadsheet, and will reload the map showing your point. When you're done, click 'done' on the top left hand corner.