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Tales of incidents, accidents, and hazardous walking in St. John's, NL
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About this page

The data on this page is meant to help foster discussion about what we can do to make sidewalks safer for pedestrians. Contributors can tell their stories, and locate where something happened on a map. Hopefully, over time, there will be an account of where and what is wrong with our sidewalk safety in St. John's, NL.

How to use this page

To add a story, click 'add a story', and fill out the form. You need to tell us who you are, and a bit about the story - the rest is up to you. No photos can be added here, but you can link the story to another site, like Facebook or a news site, if you wish. This will add data to a googlespreadsheet, and will reload the map showing your point. When you're done, click 'save' at the bottom of the page.

About the Collision Data

For a full explanation of the collision data, see https://github.com/walkabilly/sj_crashes/blob/master/avalon_collisions.md. The initial data was compiled by the Road Network Management Group, Newfoundland and Labrador Statistics Agency from the Collision Database Management System (CDMS), Government of Newfoundland and Labrador from RNC Police Reports for 2016 and 2017, and analyzed by Dr. Daniel Fuller of Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador. There are notable issues with how the RNC documents collisions or crashes involving pedestrians. As indicated, "There are a number of columns that including information about pedestrians. Unfortunately, that information is also often combined with NA (Not Applicable) in the same cell. It can be hard to tell an pedestrian from an NA."